When God Says Jump…

It’s been a bit, y’all, but I’m hoping to post a bit more frequently soon. At this point I am roughly 2 months away from my move-in date for colleges and I need to vent, lol! But the biggest thing is that I have made so many strides, even in just the past month, and I want to share hope and share my successes.

The first thing is that I’ve really been diving into my Young Living business this month. I’ve had one class so far, and have 2 more schedules for the end of this month. Not gonna lie, I am close to hitting Star rank! That’s right, one month in and God has been blessing me and helping me bless others like crazy. And that’s exactly why I am doing this with YL. I love the products and how they help me live healthier, but I also love helping other people live healthier through it. Testimony time! I was driving to work the other day and I said a simple one-sentence prayer, asking God to send me someone to bless that day with oils. GOD LISTENS, because that was the first thing anyone talked to me about when I arrived. I’ve never experienced such a visible miracle from God and it excites me to know how much he cares. Oh, and I have to give credit to Sarah Harnisch: without her training and book I wouldn’t be doing as well.

That being said, I went to the college the other day for advising and got my schedule lined out. However, it basically eliminates the possibility that I can continue working at Hoblob. It was a nice company to work for, don’t get me wrong, but now it looks like God has other plans. So at this point, all I can say is that God is telling me to jump. Jump from the springboard that is my job and my comfort zone and living at home… And either I’ll fall, or he will catch me. And he hasn’t really let me fall before.

It’s a wonderful thing that God has prepped me for this though. He has given me the building blocks for a YL business for starters. And scholarships and financial aid. I was able to switch to a more permanent dorm after being assigned in a room where I would be kicked out when the Spring semester roller around. He’s been building the net to catch me and raise me up again, I just had to look around and see!
I’m also working really hard right now to lift others up and give them hope, be it through oils or just trying to speak life over them and pray for them. I have friends that I plan to help them build a YL business so that they can achieve that income they need without so much stress. I have people that I just want to give them hope in times of sickness and/or sadness. GOD made me a joy-giver and hope-bringer. And I’m trying to embrace that.

Lastly, I’m trying to be a better me, mentally and physically. Oils take care of me a lot mentally (anxiety, stress, you name it!) And my mother and I have just started a fitness program that will get us a bit more fit. YL has kept me more aware of the food I put in my body also. I’m more of a fruit and veggies person now than I ever have been! And that’s great!

So here’s the thing. If you’re on Facebook, you can support me by liking my YL page, even if I don’t know you (@javaoilsjesus). If you want life change and hope, I can help God bring it to you through the oils and the business (not that he needs my help). Reach out and we can talk. I love to talk and teach and share and love on people. And least of all, if you can pray for me, in this time where I’m prepping for the leap into the unknown, I would greatly appreciate it.

Love and hope,

Elizabeth Walker 

(YL # 10042671 @ youngliving.com)


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