Magical Eyeliner… For a Dollar?

Y’all,  I can’t even tell you how hard it is to find a good eyeliner. Especially a liquid liner. My last fave was a Marc Jacobs Pencil that was SUPER creamy, but it was just a sample. When it ran out, there was no way I was going to buy more (I’m not made of money). Plus. I love finding cruelty free options. I had basically given up on finding a good eyeliner and I was using eyeshadow and a pointy brush instead.

BUT LOW AND BEHOLD. I stumbled across this beauty from none other than Wet n Wild, the cheapest brand from walgreens. And boi. Lemme tell you.

First of all, if I’m remembering right, this stuff costs just a dollar (A DOLLA?) AND you can buy it from practically anywhere. The brand is cruelty free and lovely. It has a thin brush that works just as well as any other liner brush. It’s smooth and creamy and guess what? ALL DAY WEAR. I have had zero problems with smudges or drips or sweat. It’s great from morning to night, and I’ve had issues with that from $10 eyeliners.

And, it’s just fab overall. I’m excited to call this my new favorite eyeliner.




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