Greasy Hair Chronicles: Store Bought to MLM

In the beginning, this was solely about finding a cure for greasy hair, so naturally, I just began with trying different shampoos.

Because coupons for Herbal Essences products are so readily available, when I went through my coupon ingredients phase, I bought a ton of their products. Shampoos and conditioners all worked around the same. I thought there would be hope in their “Color Me Happy” cleansing conditioner. It smelled nice and it was for color treated hair. A single use, however, and I was severely disappointed. My hair was left greasing than ever. As usual, any product labeled *conditioner* was not going to be of any help.

In hopes that a higher price would mean better quality, I then paid too much money for *hydrating* OGX shampoo and conditioner. Mostly, I just thought the round, blue bottles were pretty. I’m a sucker for nice packaging, okay?

A handful of washes later, I was let down again. Apparently hydration is equal to grease too. With half a bottle of shampoo still left, I gave up and went back to Head and Shoulders for a while. Boo.

I had given up hope, but I did realize later on, I was making steps in the right direction. Both of the shampoos I had tried were sulfate free and a lot closer to being natural than I realized. But I still didn’t have the silky, non-greasy hair of my youth. Very disappointing. I was using dry shampoo every other day  (Batiste is the best, btw!) and SCRUBBING my scalp, all to no avail. I was tempted to switch to the baking soda and vinegar “No Poo” method, but I was terrified that it was going to ruin my hair color. 

A little while after this, I joined the ranks of Young Living as an essential oil user. I scoured my oil guide and pinterest for remedies for my greasiness. All I could find was peppermint oil as a potential cure. So, I took the leap of faith and bought a $14 bottle of YL Lavender Mint shampoo. 

It was natural and healthy. Plus, it earned me points for free stuff on Essential Rewards. It wasn’t a huge risk, when I thought about it logically. After reading reviews online, it seemed like this one bottle could last me a while. It is a more concentrated formula than most shampoos, so I had read of people mixing it with water or castile soap to make it go farther.

Based on these reccomendations, I invested in a foaming pump bottle from Bed Bath and Beyond and tried it first by mixing somewhere around 1 part shampoo to 10 parts water. I tried this about 2 times, and not only did it refuse to foam properly, but no matter how much I put on my hair, I couldn’t seem to use it to get my hair clean. Giving up on diluting it, I then switched to just straight YL shampoo. Just like the OGX brand, this just left my hair super greasy. 

I tried, YL, I really tried. But while this product is probably great for normal scalps, mine was not having it. If I’m going to get anywhere with this, I thought, I’m going to have to do some major research.

I’m not giving up yet. Stay tuned to see what I learn next.



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