Greasy Hair Chronicles: The Journey Begins

All of my teenage and adult life, it seems, I have been fighting an oily battle with my hair. My hair is super thick, but also kind of fine, which is entirely confusing to me. And I have greasy, oily skin, which translates to a greasy scalp too.

Within the past few years, I have done all kinds of crazy things to my hair. With box dyes, I went red shortly after high school with very little issue, and then dark brown to attempt to cover it up. I actually bleached it at home at one point, in search of “Elsa Blonde”, a thing that I do not advise doing.

After bleaching, my hair was super fried and looked really gross all the time. So, I did take a logical step and start going to a salon to get my hair done. An amazing hairdresser that has been working with my hair since I was a teen knew how to make my hair do what it was supposed to. I went blonde and got highlights and chopped it all off. There was a serious improvement, and a pixie cut is way easier to manage, tbh.

But even through all this, my greasiness continued. I had stopped washing my hair every day, and instead washed it every other day, but I soon discovered that using Head and Shoulders shampoo was the only thing that could keep the greasiness at bay.

This is where my story takes a HEALTHY turn. When I started using essential oils and became a distributor for Young Living, I became a lot more aware of the things I was putting in and on my body. I’m constantly doing research about chemicals and plant ingredients and how they can effect people.

Looking at the ingredients of Head and Shoulders, I knew that this stuff had to go. SLS (both versions) are listed as the second and third ingredient. Do just a tiny bit of research and you’ll find out its a PESTICIDE. It causes skin irritation and is corrosive and the manufacturing process causes pollution of the environment. But seriously, do some research.

And all those other chemicals listed? I am terrified to find out what they might do. Heck to the no.

So currently, I am on the search for a natural shampoo/oily hair remedy that WON’T kill me. And hopefully a way to spend less money on dry shampoo. Ready to join me on this journey? Stay tuned and I’ll keep you updated on what I find.



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