Why I Chose Young Living Essential Oils

I have many friends who use and enjoy essential oils. Heck, I work at a store that sells their own brand of essential oils meant strictly for diffusing. Oils are super popular right now and I can’t blame people for loving them, but I do frown upon people who don’t do their research. Call me an oils snob, because that’s basically what I am.

When I started using Young Living oils, I (along with my mother) had done a lot of research about the oils and the company. They’re technically supplements that can be used to improve your lifestyle and health. You put them in, on, and around your body, so knowing what they’re made of and where they come from is vital. The fact that people don’t do this with their everyday products (soaps, food, clothing, etc), is quite appalling. I know that working with essential oils has definitely made me start paying more attention to what I put in/on my body.

But out of all of the oil companies and brands out there, I chose Young Living because I feel like it is a brand that I can get behind and because I feel confident that they are quality products. So if you love your oils and want to learn more, here are some things to consider.

I Know Where They Come From

seed_to_seal_id_2015The first thing that I’d like to point out about Young Living is their Seed-to- Seal process. Seed to Seal is exactly what it sounds like: a process of manufacturing that you can follow from the planting of the plants that oils are taken from to the extraction and bottling of the oils themselves. Some people might think that Young Living not being based entirely in the US is a deal breaker, but some of these oils come from plants that we CANNOT reasonably grow and obtain in the United States. But because I know that we live in the time and place of a global economy where everyone is connected, it doesn’t bother me that some oils come from Oman and France and other places.

Not to mention, Young Living is very open about their processing of oils. They publish articles and books that explain the extraction processes that they use for their oils. They allow people to come into their farms and help process their oils. If I wanted to (which I definitely do!), I could go all the way to Utah or Idaho or any of the other farms and participate in the harvesting and distilling process. Talk about an educational field trip!

I Trust Their Christian Leadership

The retail company that I work for is a christian company. And despite some negative politics on occasion, they are still thriving and doing great work in the name of God. I feel confident in Young Living because their company is the same way. If you look into other companies that market essential oils, they can be very private about their history and are not explicitly god-following. Doterra, for example, was founded by someone who left the Young Living company and started their own company. I do not want to shame anyone who uses a different type of oils. To each their own, but their company is simply not  for me. Other companies (like retail stores) sell products that are low quality and even their most innocent oils are labeled “toxic” and “flammable” and are often mixed with other oils and chemicals that take away from them being pure essential oils. I know that Young Living wants the best for anyone who uses their oils, not just what makes them rich.

I Want to be Healthy

Just for grins, this morning I went to Healthcare.gov and got an estimate of what minimal healthcare would cost for me as a part-time retail working 21 year old. Basically, I would have to spend about half of my paycheck of health insurance. Thankfully, I can stay on my parents’ health plan for a little while longer, but regardless, I don’t need to be getting sick or hurt. I can’t afford it. If spending a bit every month on oils and supplements that keep me healthy and help with minor ailments will help me in the long run, I am definitely down for it. I can’t say that I live the healthiest lifestyle 24/7, but now that I am seeing all of the issues that my parents and grandparents have, I am more determined to live a healthy lifestyle right now so that I don’t go through the same things as I get older.

I Want to be Financially Stable

I used to be a Jamberry wp-1478201323703.jpgnails consultant. I’ve done this whole work-from-home thing before, but I can say that Young Living is totally different. There is no guarantee to make money, just encouragement to share what you love, and I DEFINITELY love the products. I don’t have a quota to meet or specific graphics that I am required to use and I can create my own graphics freely. In order to stay  active, I just have to spend $50 a year on products. I’ve done that several times over already. And I earn points for free products. Currently, I just treat it like a subscription service and choose which oils I want to be sent to me each month through the Essetial Rewards program. I do know, however, that it is possible to build a successful business from this, and this is a company that I feel good about sticking with in the time that it takes to do that. I cannot promise that you will make money if you join Young Living as a distributor. But I can say that people have done it and it takes a lot of hard work.

If that’s not enough to convince you that Young Living is the superior brand of essential oils, I don’t know what will. I just know that these are products and a company that I love. Feel free to leave any questions or comments or contact me if you want to join as a distributor or even just try some oils! I know you’ll love them!


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