Hogwarts Robe in a Day

A week before Halloween, I made a quidditch robe for my BFF, Sarah. Here’s how I did it with minimal supplies and sewing skills.


  • Sewing machine
  • Fabric (I used about 4 yards for a 5′ person, but it could fit 5’5″ or larger)
  • Thread
  • Measuring tape
  • Fabric scissors
  • Toilet paper
  • Pins
  • Calculator
  • Pencil or pen
  • Coffee
  • An entire day
  • Some patience

Step 1

The first and most important part of making your robe is getting measurements. You need to know how tall/wide/etc the person wearing the robe is. Use your measuring tape and record the following:

A. shoulder width

B. wingspan

C. the length from shoulder to wrist of one arm

D. shoulder to calf (or however long you want the robe) length

E. biggest measurement around the bust or chest

F. measurement around the arm at the shoulder

G. measurement around the neck

Keep these with you. They’re important. You might even want to label this diagram with them to help keep track.

Step 2
Next, we begin  folding and cutting. In my case, I could fold my fabric hamburger style and have it be long enough for measurement D. I then folded it in half horizontally. Here’s where the math comes in. Take your measurement for G, round it up to an even number, and divide it by pi or 3.14. Then divide it by 2. That gave me 3. Add 1 to whatever number you get . That gave me 4. On the inner, no edge corner, measure that many inches out like this on both sides and mark.

Then take your scissors and cut a curved line from one mark to the other. You should end up with a circle like this.

Now you have a poncho. Good job.

Step 3

Now, with your fabric still folded, measure out half of measurement A from the right side and half of measurement F down from the top to find the point of the armpit. Mark it. Be sure to add an inch or more in both directions for seam allowance ad depending on how loose you want your sleeves.


Next, mark 2 outward angled straight lines down and out from the armpit point. Make sure that the area half way down with the center fold measures more than 1/4 of measurement E.


Now cut where you marked.


Now its a really weird poncho.

Step 4

The next part is super simple. With the poncho inside out (shiny sides together in this case), pin the robe sides and sleeve bottoms together. You can use the TP in between your layers of fabric to make sure it doesn’t slip if you’d like. Then sew in straight lines, making sure you overlap at the armpits/corners.


Now you look like you belong in a gospel choir! Hallelujah!


Step 5

Grab your robe by the front at the top ad bottom to make a fold. Cut straight from the top to bottom to create the front opening.


Now it actually looks like a robe! If you want a lining, repeat steps 1 though 5 with a second piece fabric for the lining.
Step 6
We’re going to skip on over to the hood. Don’t want one? Skip this. Using leftover fabric, cut 2 pieces in a hood-like shape: a trapezoid where the top is smaller than the bottom. For each one, fold in half with the right sides together and sew the smaller top side closed.

Then pin them both together, right sides in again, and sew around the shorter sides, effectively creating a bag. Turn this right side out and lets go!

Step 8

WE GOTS A LOT OF SEWIN’ TO DO. Turn both robes inside out, put one inside the other and pin them together, like so.


At the top, put the hood (right side out) facing downward in between the two robes. Now, starting at the bottom, sew all the way around the robe, minus the sleeves and the opening at the foot/bottom area of the robe. It’ll take a while, but when you’re done, it should look like this.


Step 9

Make sure your sleeves are a tad longer than the length that you want and that your robe is inside out. Fold them over twice and pin and sew. Trim off any excess.


Step 10

Lastly, choose how you want your robe to look at the bottom. These are some possibilities I came up with when I was making this one for Sarah. She decided on the round one, so I folded the robe in half and cut the bottom like this.

After cutting, carefully fold the edges inward and pin them together like this.


After sewing, the bottom should look like this. VIOLA! You have a Harry Potter robe in a day!


Happy (Late) Halloween!



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