Queen, Not Princess

There are few things that infuriate me. I try my best not to be easily angered. But this morning, a post on Facebook did just that.

Along with this post was a picture of a mom and her 3 girls and a link to a website. I have to point out that the only reason this post caught my eye was because in reading it, it didn’t make sense. And all I could find in the comments were support of the statements, which didn’t make sense to me either. I’d like to address these statements one by one, from a 21st century perspective. Note: I don’t have kids, but I do plan to some day and these are not things I want for my future sons or daughters.

First of all, my momma didn’t raise no fool. I have known from a young age that work, having a job and a career is not just necessary in this day and age, but something that I want. I cannot be a stay at home mom who does nothing but housework, even if finances provide for that lifestyle – I will be bored out of my mind! Let me have an etsy shop or write books if nothing else! Work is not just for men. I can and I will go out and get just as sweaty and dirty as any male in my workplace. I will earn a living. And you cannot tell me that it’s not ladylike.

Second of all, what are BOY SPORTS? When I was in gym class as a child, every kid played every sport and game. Girls play baseball. Volleyball. Soccer. Gymnastics. Football. Basketball. Please inform me, what makes dirt or bruises or pants or running restricted to boys? This misogynistic attitude is what reinforces segregation and inequality and bias and bullying and violence. Do not keep me off of the playing field because you want to stop me from scraping my knees.

Next of all, WHAT DOES IT MEAN THAT INDEPENDENT PEOPLE ARE POOR? When a child leaves their parents house, they become independent. They have to provide for themselves and rely on themselves. That does not make them monetarily poor in all cases. That does not make them spiritually poor. I have friends and relatives who have been single all their lives and that does not make them any less wonderful and valuable as humans. Do not place your married self above me.

And unless you have an arranged marriage, you will date or court before you become a wife or husband. Even if it is only for a month or two.

The link that was attached to this post? It led to a site where parents could control their children by putting them through “wife classes” and “match making courses”. Do not buy into this junk.

Your sons and daughters are precious. Treasure them and teach them to support themselves and be whole before seeking a mate. Let them rely on God before they rely on anyone else.

Let your daughters not be helpless, ladylike princesses, but teach them to be Godly, courageous Queens like Esther or even Elsa.




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