My Oily Day

About 2 months ago, I became a distributor for Young Living essential oils, and I’ve been using them for about 4 or 5 months total. How? I’m glad you asked…

Let’s start with the morning. If I’m feeling extra sleepy or in need of energy, here recently my pre-coffee pick-me-up has been peppermint oil in my shower. This little life hack has been passed to me from my oil-crazed mother. She gave me the tip one night when I knew I would be up at 4 for work the next day. I turn on the shower, let it get hot, then drop 2 to 3 drops of peppermint oil onto the tub floor before I step in. The smell of peppermint is stimulating, and can help you become more awake and aware. I can’t say it’ll replace my coffee just yet though.

I recently posted a youtube video about my next oil use, DIY deodorant. I found the recipe on pinterest and I’m still getting used to using it. It’s only anti-odor, not antiperspirant, so I’m getting used to being a bit more sweaty than usual. Apparently it takes about 2 months for the icky chemicals from regular deodorant to leave your system, so I’ll keep you updated on that. But so far, I haven’t smelled too horrible.

Next, I use two products that I got directly from Young Living: Refresh toner and Thieves Dentarome Ultra toothpaste. They basically are what they say they are and there’s no special way to use them that I know of. The thing is, there are no bad chemicals, fluoride, etc. in either of them. 

Stress away is an oil blend that comes with the starter kit and one that I feel most comfortable in using. I have stress and anxiety issues that have gotten really bad within recent months. While I’m doing better, I do like using this oil with a rollerball on the bottle to keep calm and even just take a moment to relax and focus on what’s going on. I put it on my neck and inside my elbows at work, at church, whenever. And it smells nice, so sometimes I just use it like a perfume. 

My  job and my exercise routine can be strenuous at times, and Panaway helps me not hurt so much. I find myself putting it on my spine and neck. I’ve even put it in my bath before. It smells great and if your pores are open, it has an icy-hot type feel as it absorbs. 
Every night, after I wash my face, I use my homemade spot stick for acne spots and blemishes on my face. I emptied out an old elf brand rollerball and filled it with oils for my skin like Lavender, Cedarwood, Frankincense, and Purification, along with a carrier oil. I plan to eventually replace it with a glass rollerball bottle, but it works for now.

As I crawl into bed after a long day, I put oils on my feet with a homemade sleep rollerball. Filled with Lavender and Cedarwood, it’s calming and helps me get a better nights sleep. 

The last and most obvious way i use oils is diffusing ALL DAY ERRY DAY with the diffuser that came with my Young Living starter kit. I like trying different concoctions from pinterest and such to make my room and house smell nice or give myself energy or focus. It’s amazing what you can find that smells wonderful. 

Hope you enjoyed my tidbits. Contact me if you have questions or wanna join my YL team for a 24% discount on the products! Or, if you’re ready to purchase or sign up, go to and enter my distributor number, 10042671, at checkout.



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